Lexie Candy

From her shapely thighs to her exquisite hips and naturally full breasts, Lexie Candy is all the woman you could ever ask for. Elegant, sophisticated, and dripping with class, this curvaceous brunette brings some old world French charm to the shores of Porn Valley, USA. To fuck for porn sites has always been a dream of hers, and, after years of working the Euro scene, Lexie has finally made it! But rather than getting swept up and losing herself in all the glamour that comes along with American porn, this lovely lady stays loyal to those who've been with her since the beginning, and that includes her husband and high school sweetheart. Sorry fellas, this buxom babe is off the market. Luckily, her man knows that beauty like Lexie's can't be kept under wraps, so he shares it generously with the world!

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