Loni Evans

Those are some big titties for such a little lady! Your jaw will drop when she turns around to reveal the glorious double D's below her cherubic face, rosy cheeks, and wide smile. Giggly, sweet, and bubbly, Loni Evans is a real girly gal who loves pink, dressing up, and putting on make-up. You'll love watching this darling doll get stuffed by hard dicks, making her trademark O-face, her eyes wide, and mouth open as if surprised that all that dick could fit in such a tight pussy. That iconic look has carried her to the top of her game, giving her the life of glamour and glitz she's always desired. Hopping out of limos, walking red carpets, and signing autographs, Loni was destined for porn stardom, and she is sure to find herself a fixture in the annals of porn history in no time.

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