Mena Carlisle

Described as "shy in the streets" but a "freak in the sheets," all-natural babe Mena Carlisle has the face, boobs, and ass of a high-ranking pornstar. Sweet-looking Mena may be barely five feet tall, but she has no qualms about taking on the biggest cocks in the industry, and she will happily fuck and suck until every one of her holes is dripping with cum. On the outside, the dark-haired beauty is a completely normal person who enjoys reading, yoga, traveling, and listening to music... But in front of the camera, Mena turns into a vivacious spinner who packs a lot of sexual talent into her petite 4'11" frame. For one thing, she can jerk off a hard cock with only one foot! In recognition of Mena’s gorgeous looks and her dedication to the smut biz, the Detroit native was recently nominated for an UrbanX award. Check out Mena’s extraordinary abilities in the scenes down below!

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